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What do dreams reveal about your « self » ?

This beautiful sūtra states that our body, mind, and senses become tired of being consciously active because of our daily activities, thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Then the mind withdraws from the sensory world and enters the sushumnā nādī, which is the central canal of the spinal cord.
Translation of Sūtrasthāna from Dr. Vasant Lad

« VĀTA dreams » are often centered around being frozen with freight [i.e. dreams of falling, being attacked, being pushed or even seeing the death of a loved one].

« PITTA dreams » are centered around ‘hot and sharp’ qualities which often manifest into dreams of learning, teaching, problem-solving, fighting and even killing someone [yikes!].

« KAPHA dreams » are often the most romantic of dreams and often involve dreams of swimming, finding money, eating pleasurable food, and even sex.


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