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Constipation in Ayurveda is known as Malavraodha, where mal-excretory wastes and Avrodh – Obstruction. As per ayurvedic concepts constipation is mainly caused by aggravated Vata dosha(air), though sometimes it may be caused by pitta and Kapha.

Many a times people neglect constipation where it gets elevated and can even cause piles, fissure. People seem to get attracted to over the counter laxative drugs to cure constipation but get trapped in the vicious cycle of the medicines where they reach a point of no return meaning they cant evacuate bowels without medicines the reason behind that is the laxatives available over the counter weaken the colon due to its strong action and also make the colon dry which in turn elevates constipation.

Treatment for constipation is done considering the prakruti of a person , his habits,lifestyle and then appropriate medications are prescribed which not only helps to relive constipation but the herbs actually help to stimulate the Liver which secretes digestive juices for digestion so that food gets digested rightly and then constipation is cured.

Causes of Constipation:
• Sedentary Lifestyle and lack of exercise.
• Consuming Junk foods and cold drinks.
• Improper timings of meals.
• Consumption of alcohol and meat regularly.
• Consuming large quantity of food than required (They live to eat and not eat to live.)…..

Tips to Relive constipation:
• Eat food at regular timings .
• Chew the food properly , so that digestion of food is correct.
• Have leafy vegetables in your diet.
• Consume cow ghee in your meals so that it acts as a lubricant.
• Avoid eating heavy food after 7.30pm.
• Take a glass of warm milk with 10gm cow ghee at bedtime

Source: Dr Kailash

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